Customised error pages

Have you ever visited a website to find that the page wasn't there, only to be presented with a horrid black and white default 404 error message ? Unfortunately, most visitors will look elsewhere when they see an error message like this.

This is where your easy to use control panel can help. You can create a single webpage, anything you like, then pop the html code into the control panel and whenever someone gets a 404 error message on your website they see your pre-designed page and not the default error message.

The great benefit of this is that your error page could be your home page, thus taking the visitor back to your site and not forcing them away. An easy yet effective method to retain your visitor. For example, say the page the visitor wants to look at is and they type it in wrong, they will see your home page or whatever you want them to see.

Another brilliant feature of our control panel is our error logs. With these you can see where such 404 errors have occurred, which will allow you to easily find any bad links / code in your website and fix it ASAP.

To see a demo of our customised error page system, please see details on our web based control panel.