Unlimited pop3 / smtp mail

A pop3 email account is where your incoming emails are stored, ready for you to retrieve them.

The advantage of having unlimited pop3 accounts means that you can separate any email alias with complete privacy, for example, bob@mysite.com could have their separate pop3 account which means they would collect their email with a different username and password. Then, all email sent to bob@mysite.com could only be read by him.

Pop3 accounts are set up via our easy to use control panel and take only a few minutes to set up. Each pop3 user has there own username and password which you set up and have complete control over.

SMTP allows you to send email from any of your mail boxes from software such as Outlook Express. This is a great benefit to customers that use ISP's (Internet Service Providers) that do not offer SMTP, such as AOL.

To see a demo of our email systems, please see details on our web based control panel.