No hidden charges guarantee

Unfortunately, many of our competitors tend to make the decision of which package to buy and the costs quite confusing. One website we know of is marketing themselves as "buy a domain name (website name) for just $1". When you try and buy the domain name for $1, you suddenly have to pay registration fees, then email facility fees, etc etc. When we tried to purchase for $1, the bill came to $134.99, a far cry from $1.

Another confusing tactic is to have various options you can purchase for different prices, with every option having something slightly different to the other. Picking the package that is just what you need can be very difficult and time consuming. That's why we offer everything you could ever need with every account and allow you to choose what disk space and monthly bandwidth you require. You obviously don't need to use everything, but it's nice to know that if and when your website grows and requires new features, you already have them available.

With the above in mind, Abode Hosting  set out to create an easy to use, honest pricing structure with clear information.

Our no hidden charges guarantee means that the price you see is the price you pay. You can also upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.